Production Strength

The company has a large production scale capacity, including 32 injection molding machines, 28 hydraulic presses and punches, and 2 finished product production lines. The core components of the products (inner tank heating element assembly, condenser tube assembly, stainless steel shell and shell painting) are all independently produced and quality controlled.

Quality Control

The company has an experienced research and development team. At present, the products are divided into three series of single button, double button and electronic type, with plastic or stainless steel shell. It has perfected 20 models and the products meet the requirements of GS,UL and 3C safety regulations.

The company has a complete quality control team: QE for the overall quality control planning, external shopping materials and parts IQC inspection, injection molding, hardware and finished product production process PQC inspection, finished product storage FQC inspection, laboratory regular sampling for life and performance testing and verification.

The company pursues long-term, harmonious and win-win development with its partners, and strives to build the brand and service quality of the distilled water machine industry.


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