Pot Distiller VS Column Distiller

After the juice is heated, using the principle that the boiling point of alcohol is lower than that of water, the alcohol will first vaporize into steam, which rises to the neck of the distiller, which protrudes like a chimney from above the pot. The vapor enters the condenser from the neck and becomes liquid after cooling.


Rheology of Liquor Distiller

We know that if the distillation method is used to take wine, the most volatile alcohol (ethanol) can be distilled out by using the different volatile characteristics of different substances in the wine to obtain the distilled wine with the highest concentration of about 70%(v/v). Throughout the millennia of wine history, brewers have been racking their brains to improve their alcohol content. Until the Yuan Dynasty brewers get distilled liquor method, can be said to be suddenly enlightened, one step in place. Therefore, distilled liquor was popular on a large scale in the Yuan Dynasty. The distiller is an essential tool for distilling spirits. The distiller used in the distillation method has undergone thousands of years of rheology and formed what is now a "retort barrel".


What do those distinctive stills bring to whiskey?

Although the operating power of the tower distiller is higher than that of the pot distiller, the raw wine produced is more rigid. Therefore, most whisky distilleries in Scotland use pot distillers (the other can be subdivided into onion type, drum type and lantern type). As for whether the size is large or small, or high or low, it will affect the personality of the distilled wine, and it is also an important indicator of the style of the winery.

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