What do those distinctive stills bring to whiskey?

Although the operating power of the tower distiller is higher than that of the pot distiller, the raw wine produced is more rigid. Therefore, most whisky distilleries in Scotland use pot distillers (the other can be subdivided into onion type, drum type and lantern type). As for whether the size is large or small, or high or low, it will affect the personality of the distilled wine, and it is also an important indicator of the style of the winery.

Why is the shape of the distiller closely related to the flavor of the new wine? This has to start with the material of the distiller. In addition to copper has good ductility, thermal conductivity and is not easy to corrode, it is more important to remove the odor and make the wine more pure.

During grain fermentation, due to the presence of protein, it will be converted by yeast into various derivatives containing sulfides. Some of the miscellaneous flavors are often disliked by people, but they can be removed by the action of copper during distillation. Therefore, the design of various shapes of the distiller is nothing more than to control the contact time between steam and copper wall.

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