Whiskey style tens of millions, "distiller modeling" credit accounted for half?

In any malt whisky distillery, the stills shining with golden light are always the most eye-catching "star". Although they are all called "pot stills", they have different shapes and sizes. Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no two identical stills in a whiskey distillery.


How the Distiller Shapes the Unique Flavor of Whisky

In principle, the angle of Lynn's arm is upward, its reflux rate is large, and the interaction between gaseous and liquid alcohol and copper is more, which also means that only the lightest gas molecules can go all the way upward, while the heavier gas molecules will reflux and continue distillation, that is, the fresher part will pass through Lynn's arm to the condenser, so the wine will be lighter and more delicate. Lynn's arm angle is downward, and its reflux rate is low, steam can pass through the arm body quickly, and the interaction with copper is naturally less, even if the heavier gas molecules can easily pass through, it is not easy to cause backflow, so the wine will be rich and heavy. If the level of the two flavor factors are half, the flavor will tend to balance.

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