Whiskey style tens of millions, "distiller modeling" credit accounted for half?

In any malt whisky distillery, the stills shining with golden light are always the most eye-catching "star". Although they are all called "pot stills", they have different shapes and sizes. Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no two identical stills in a whiskey distillery.

In terms of shape, they are tall, short, fat and thin, and they are all kinds, some look like onions, some look like pears, and some look like lanterns; in size, they are large to hold tens of thousands of liters, and some have a capacity as small as only A few hundred liters. So, why is there such a difference? Is it just because the brewery owner's personal aesthetic is different?
Of course not, the shape of the distiller actually determines the style of the winery. These distillers with different shapes are often the best spokesmen for wineries to promote their unique style.

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