Working principle of multi-effect distilled water machine

The working principle of the multi-effect distilled water machine is to make the purified water fully preheated through multi-stage evaporation and condensation to eliminate non-condensable gas and impurities, so as to obtain high purity water for injection. Multi-effect distilled water machine is an upgraded product of tower distilled water machine in energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with tower distilled water machine, multi-effect distilled water machine has higher temperature, which is conducive to the inhibition of microbial reproduction of water for injection. The equipment covers a small area and is relatively simple to maintain. It has become the main production equipment of water for injection in the pharmaceutical industry.

Multi-effect distilled water machine is usually composed of multiple evaporative heat exchangers, separation devices, preheaters, two condensers, valves, instruments and control parts. Since only the first-effect evaporator needs to be heated by an external heat source in this segmented evaporation and condensation process, the pure steam produced by the last effect and the condensation of water for injection produced by each effect are cooled by an external medium, so the effect on energy saving is very obvious.

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Working principle of multi-effect distilled water machine


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