Distilled water machine efficacy

In the distilled water machine, the purified steam produced by each effect evaporator is pure steam used for heating raw water, and the pure steam is condensed into injection water through phase change after heating and evaporating raw water. regular multi-effect distilled water machine has 3-8 effects, each effect includes an evaporator, a separation device and a preheater, the more effects, the better the energy saving effect. In the case of a certain amount of water for injection, in order to reduce the consumption of steam and cooling water, it is necessary to increase the number of effects, but this will increase the cost of investment, for this consideration, to choose the appropriate number of effects, which requires the pharmaceutical factory to purchase the buyer and the manufacturer to jointly determine.

In order to prevent cross contamination of the system, the first evaporator, all preheaters and condensers of the multi-effect distilled water machine are designed with double end plate tube. The inner tube plate and the outer tube plate adopt the current international advanced double expansion technology (Figure 5.3). The double expansion technology belongs to the physical processing method. The column tube and the tube plate are connected and fixed by the tube expander. The processing precision is high and can be used in clean equipment or systems with working pressure not exceeding 10bar. Because the welding process is avoided, the double expansion connection method can well prevent the chemical crystal corrosion caused by the welding of the heat exchanger, so that the risk of leakage of the heat exchanger is extremely low, which greatly prolongs the service life of the multi-effect distilled water machine.

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