Distilled water machine maintenance cleaning

Distilled water machine is a common equipment and key link in the pharmaceutical process, which has a direct impact on pharmaceutical water. With the long-term operation of the distilled water machine, the production risk caused by deposition scaling and component aging continues to increase, and several common situations are:

The cooling section of the condenser is blocked, causing high temperature alarm of the distilled water machine

Leakage of circulating pump, circulating pipeline and valve, resulting in pollution

Breathing apparatus, float valve, liquid level switch, steam trap, temperature, pressure sensor and other mechanical parts damage affect equipment operation

Product accidents caused by aging of electrical components and control system components

Deviation of temperature, pressure and other sensors, affecting product quality

Professionals can quickly and efficiently reduce production risks through maintenance cleaning. Aoxing technical service team has rich experience in fluid technology field. Through regular active preventive maintenance, system risks are checked, deviation hidden dangers are corrected in time, shutdown and accidents caused by sudden quality problems are prevented, and the system is in good running state for a long time. Spare parts problems are found and replaced in time, and the customer's alarm information and fault problems are analyzed to find the key causes for fundamental solutions.

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